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lap times and greater consistency at the wheel of their race car

VBOX Video HD2 Video VBOX Pro Video VBOX waterproof
Update rate
10Hz 10Hz or 20Hz 10Hz
Cameras Camera inputs
Up to 2 x 1080p 4 2
Frame rate Cameras
30fps 4x 720x576 PAL 1x 720x576, 1x 640x480 PAL
Camera preview Resolution
Over WiFi 720 x 576 PAL (default)
720 x 480 NTSC
Connectors Frame rate
USB 2.0 Host Interface.
RS232 (OLED connection)
25fps PAL (default)
30fps NTSC
CAN logging
32 CAN signals 8 (standard) or 32 channels 8 (standard) or 32 channels
SD card Optional USB logging
172 x 131.20 x 35.5 mm 170 x 122 x 33mm 164 x 132 x 32mm
870g (1.92lb) 700g (1.54 lb) 500g (1.10lb